Thursday, 31 January 2008

What I've learnt about RSS... so far

Hi everybody! Nice to be writing again in my new brand blog.
I just wanted to comment on the use of RSS. It's my second time trying it. First, I tried it last year when my teacher, Gladys Baya, suggested my opening of an account to Bloglines to keep track of my classmates' blogs. I did that but never opened it again, till now.
I think I've realized how this works. It is really useful if you have lots of blogs, wikies, yahoo groups or pages that you want to be noticed when something new is written on them. I've finally found out what a great tool it is. Thanks moderators and co-moderators for thinking about teaching us this wonderful and essential tool. Now I can say that I can freely use it... but I would feel more comfortable if I could explore it a little bit more... maybe after my holidays :) There's always time to explore later. Thanks again, see you all around,

Monday, 21 January 2008

Welcome to everyone

Hello everybody!
My name is MarĂ­a Lorena from Argentina, and I'm attending EVO sessions this summer. We are in week 2 exploring how to use blogs for ESP.
Hope you drop by,